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Proma has been dancing her whole life, training in the contemporary style of Uday Shankar from her mother Bipasha Guptaroy, and Bharatanatyam from Sudha Chandra Sekhar, including an Arangetram (solo dance debut) in 2010. Proma was deeply involved in dance at the University of Michigan through cultural shows and the competitive dance team Michigan Manzil. She was part of the inaugural roster of Aluminati, an alumni dance team, has worked with Aatma Performing Arts, and performed and taught for three years with Ajna Dance. She performed with Exodus Artistry from 2016 - 2020 as well as the touring production Bollywood Boulevard since its Lincoln Center debut. She has performed at Danza in Fiera in Italy, America's Got Talent, Good Morning America, the NBA, and more.

Currently, Proma dances with and Noor Dance Academy and directs and produce dance concepts with Lion Party Films.

photo by Anne Whitman

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